you&her is made for connection.

We want to connect you with sisters around the world.

Our underwear is made by a beautiful community of creatives in Kathmandu, Nepal (read “where we make”). Purchasing our products not only builds into their community, it invests the profits on all purchases to three charities who empower vulnerable populations across the globe (read "where we give"). These charities were chosen because the women who lead them embody the mission of you&her. Watching Clemencia adore her seniors in Vancouver; hearing Lorraine rejoice over the women and children she cares for in her "home"; listening to Nancy reflect on her gratitude for being able to live her life for the next generation all across Africa - all of this has influenced not only the mission of you&her but the very existence.

We want to connect you with yourself.

you&her began with one woman’s journey of taking a hard look at the ruins of her life, picking up the beautiful pieces, and carrying on in pursuit of wholeness. It continues when other women join in this process. Connection to self draws out the strength needed to sustain the journey ahead, but also wisdom to navigate which road is worthwhile. you&her underwear is sheer for this very reason; we do not want women hiding or covering-up areas she doesn’t want to accept. It’s time to admire what’s within you and use the valuable gifts you carry that the world needs.

you&her is a simple, intimate & unseen choice women can make to connect with self and sister in a tangible and powerful way.