you&her creates ethically-made lingerie that empowers both the wearer and the creator through thoughtfully-designed and intimately feminine pieces that seek to celebrate the value in each of us and the connection between all of us.  Motivated by great Love, Christina Granholm began building this brand in 2012 in order to bring about solutions she wanted to see in this world for the impoverished peoples in vulnerable communities. As a mother raising three kids on her own, Christina could not ignore the situations other single mothers face in poverty around the world, and discovered a longing within herself to use the little she had to reach out to these incredible women who may feel overlooked and isolated.

With our profit we support three charities who empower vulnerable populations across the globe in various ways (read "where we give" for more info). These charities were chosen because the women who lead them embody the mission of you&her. As soon as Christina met each of them, her vision of you&her began to grow as she saw the sacrifice they make daily to love others. Watching Clemencia adore her seniors in Vancouver; hearing Lorraine rejoice over the women and children she cares for in her "home"; listening to Nancy reflect on her gratitude for being able to live her life for the next generation all across Africa - all of this has influenced not only the mission of you&her but the very existence.

As our world grows in connection through technology, our understanding of the ways in which our individual choices affect the world around us grows with it. you&her is a simple, intimate and often unseen choice women can make to connect with self and sister in a tangible and powerful way. 

Online shop opening December 1, 2018.