An intimate women's brand which uses product and profit to develop community around the world's most vulnerable.


you&her began in 2014 with a "let's see how powerful underwear can be" statement. The purpose of the brand was for young girls in Sub-Saharan Africa to receive underwear to help them stay in school during menstruation. Setting up a production line in Vancouver while also developing a sewing center in Zambia was the goal. Our goals have since changed:

We no longer produce our underwear line in Vancouver. To keep the line accessible for shoppers, our price had to be fair and competitive. When you give all your profits away, this human economy guides all your decisions. We found an ethical and humanitarian manufacturer in Nepal, and we are so proud to partner with them to produce our line. This new production partner means that we are given the opportunity to practice being a slow fashion brand, making better quality products and creating less waste for our planet.

Our sewing center is now a long-term goal, not a short-term one. While we still use our profits to promote the integration of the vulnerable into society, we have chosen three women to support who are doing miraculous things in their organizations around the world. Our short-term goal is to empower these women to provide for the loved ones in their care, while encouraging shoppers to be apart of our neighbours solutions. Our long-term goal is to see solutions to the issues facing our sisters who live in poverty. The potential to provide employment in the way of a sewing center and empowerment in the way of continued education for young girls hitting puberty is a major reason why we continue on.


We chose to focus on embracing the isolated, because we believe that society's behaviors reflect the inner life of its individuals. Therefore in order to bring a holistic and lasting solution to the problem of society's vulnerable people groups, we want to start by encouraging women to be vulnerable and accept their whole selves as an important part of the bigger picture; leaving no part isolated.

Wearing our underwear is a statement of solidarity with yourself and with your sisters.


With all of myself,

Christina Granholm, Founder of you&her